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ISBN#: 16-201-107-402-3
January 2008
Resplendence Publishing
101 Pages
Erotic Paranormal
Rating: 5 cups

Anya Bartholomew is a plus-sized woman. She works in advertising and is very good at what she does. She has very low self-esteem, however, and as a result has dedicated the majority of her life to her job.

Anuis and Makin are pleasure djinns. It is their job to help women like Anya learn to love themselves as they are.

Anya goes shopping with her two best friends, who talk her into trying on a belly dancer’s outfit. This is unsettling enough, but then a sales clerk appears in the dressing room and asks her to rub an old lamp. Anya has no idea what is in store for her next! When two gorgeous men appear in the mirror, Anya is sure she is hallucinating. This is no hallucination, however. These two men are very real, and they very much want to help her, but there is a time limit on their stay. What will happen to Anya when their time together is up? Will these two wonderful men disappear from her life forever?

"Wish Me Up, Rub Me Down" is one really hot read! The best thing about this story, though, is that it has heart. As someone who is not a skinny stick, I could really appreciate Anya’s feelings about her body. I loved how these two djinns show her that her body is not something to be ashamed of. This tale has a real emotional core, and the bond which begins as "sexual fantasy come true" becomes something far stronger over time. I really enjoyed watching Anya bloom under Anuis and Makin’s loving care. If you enjoy a little fantasy with your romance then I highly recommend "Wish Me Up, Rub Me Down"!

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