ISBN:  1-4199-0051-X
October 2004
Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.
172 pages
Romantic Comedy/Fantasy

Ripple Smith is your average fairy from East Elmhurst, New York.  She has short brown
hair with blonde highlights and enjoys the heady scent of exhaust fumes and pollution.  
So, what is she doing landing in the Chardonnay vineyard in the Loire Valley, France.  
There is no concrete and she gets frizzy wings in humid weather.

There is Monseigeur Philippe Gustave Emile Pinot Noir and his long red hair with
purple highlights.  He, with the Merlots, the Cabernets, and the Gewürztraminers are all
in France for the Noble Mold flight and Philippe’s choice of Chardonnay bride for the
flight to make champagne grapes.  

Wasps standing at attention that make Ripple wish for a can of Raid; Shiraz, Philippe’s
mother with her untimely entrances; and beenapping are all conspiring to keep the
unlikely couple from each other.  After all, a wing mate does not come to everyone.  

Sahara Kelley has successfully come up with the most unlikely erotic romp that anyone
could imagine.  Her witty portrayal of vineyard fairies, of all things, makes you wonder
whether to laugh or groan.  Ms Kelly’s tongue-in-cheek story is a delight for those with a
taste for an exotic vintage.  Do not miss Wingin’ It.  It is one of a kind.

Brenda McCoy
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance