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ISBN#: 9780440245001/9780440338451
May 5, 2009
Bantam Dell Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc.
352 Pages
Fiction, Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

For Maya Jackson, an arson investigator, life seems to have become one tragedy after another. First, after years of fighting deadly fires as a Hotshot, her father died from lung cancer. Then, within that same year, her firefighter brother died from fighting a fire and she is out for blood. Having to go through her brother Tony’s apartment is harder than she expects and she runs to the nearest bar, needing some liquid courage before she can continue.

Logan Cain, a hotshot firefighter himself, is visiting his friend and hears someone pound on the bar door, he opens it only to see a gorgeous woman with all the right moves and perfect curves storming in demanding a drink. After a couple of shots of whisky, the beautiful woman suddenly attacks Logan, kissing him like she is fighting for her life. A few minutes after some hot and heavy petting, the woman suddenly stops, apologizes, and runs, leaving Logan to wonder who she is and expecting never to see her again.

Six months have passed since Maya jumped on the stranger, and now she is back in Tahoe looking into some suspicious fires that lead to one suspect, Logan. Coming face-to-face with her almost one night stand, she tries to act as if that night of passion never happened. But Logan is not having any of that and time after time, he reminds her of how she exploded in his arms. As the investigation heats up, they realize that whoever is setting the fires is after both of their lives. Will Maya be able to clear Logan’s name and point the investigation in the right direction before time runs out?

Wild Heat introduces us to a new series, Hot Shots: Men on Fire and starts off with a sizzling first novel, full of suspense, passion, and steamy sex. Ms. Andre takes every woman’s desire and doubles the erotic fantasy with her sexy alpha males. We see Maya fighting to keep her personal life from the investigation, something that is ten times harder when Logan is added to the equation. His sensual words and hot looks only make him that more desirable to us as well as to Maya. This sensational and juicy book will have you guessing who the arsonist is until the very end, where the answer will shock and surprise you; a perfect read for anyone!

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