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ISBN# (10): 1-4022-1773-0 / (13): 978-1-4022-1773-9
March 2009
Sourcebooks Casablanca
P.O. Box 4410, Naperville, Illinois 60567-4410
$6.99 U.S./$7.99 Canada
356 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Anastasia, Stasi, Romanov has been known to have a sweet composure. Then again there are times, like being handed a lawsuit, that do not sit too well with her either. She cannot be totally responsible when a spell does not exactly work, or can she?

Trevor Barnes, Trev, loves beautiful women and driving in his convertible. He tries not to take on too many of the mortal cases, but one look at Carrie, when she enters his office, and he is up for a good challenge. Not to mention work has been kind of slow of late.

Stasi has been Blair’s dear friend for over seven hundred years. After seeing Stasi upset, and having a hiccup fit, Blair tries to assure her everything will be all right. Stasi is being sued by a woman, Carrie, who did not get the return of her rotten husband. Carrie believes since Stasi is a witch, the right portion should have been used to return her husband, no matter that it was her fourth. Stasi could take her case to the Wizards, but they have known to take thousands of years to hold court. Once Stasi meets her opposition, she finds Trev drop dead gorgeous. He deals with every facet of preternatural law and is nothing like other lawyers she has come across. Still, she knows witches and wizards do not mix, even though their chemistry says otherwise. Can they find a union between them to stay together once the case gets into full swing?

Wicked By Any Other Name is a spinning good read. The way Trevor takes her breath away, and Stasi is flabbergasted over the events, left me spell-struck myself. I love where Stasi gets the hiccups quite a few times. I could visualize the moments. The chemistry between Stasi and Trevor, not to mention the way their love blossoms so beautifully, prompts right into the reader’s heart. Linda Wisdom weaves a laugh-out-loud spontaneity of hilarious moments between two unforgettable characters. As for Carrie, yep, she is indeed a nightmare. This is one story that is most enjoyable, and quite entertaining. The well-developed characters, and excellent plot, make this an extraordinary read not to be missed.

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