ISBN# 0-9754080-7-0
May 2995
Erotic Tales Publications
Pages 241

Who’s Your Daddy is an anthology of 22 short stories all about alpha males.  The men
vary from simply wonderful to really bad, but they all command your attention and are
superbly sexy.   They are warriors, lovers, husbands, friends, strangers, and anyone else
you may want.  The stories vary from traditional romance to multiple partners, futuristic,
even the paranormal.

This excellent anthology contains wonderfully creative stories. Edited by writer Justus
Roux, the book is captivating from its introduction to the last page.  The connecting
thread between the stories is the dominant alpha. The flow of the book is excellent,
never jumpy, and very well laid out.  To me, this is what makes the book so great. Once
you start reading, you are going to want to finish it the same night due to the clever plot
lines, excellent characterizations, quick dialogue, and unbelievably hot sex.

Who’s Your Daddy does have some graphic erotic scenes, but all the stories are well
written with submissives who are as well regarded as they wish to be.  I never feel the
submissive lovers are “doormats” nor do I feel the dominants are abusive, unless
required by the storyline. The book moves from a married couple enjoying a spanking in
the kitchen to a parallel earth with violent homosexual acts, while remaining a
wonderfully compelling read.  One story that I particularly enjoy demonstrates to readers
how the dominant alpha male is not always the one in charge.

Ms. Roux has edited a diverse and well-written book with convincing stories and
outstanding sex.  Who’s Your Daddy is perfect for those who enjoy reading about men
who tell you what they want and then take it. An exceptional read and I recommend it to
anyone who enjoys alpha males.  

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance