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ISBN: (10) 0-345-47644-1/(13) 978-0-345-47644-9
July 2007
Ballantine Books
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
306 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Emily Greene is one of the best art restorers in the world; actually the best since the death of her mentor, Daniel Aries. The daughter of a former supermodel, she focuses on the substance rather than appearances.

Max Aries is a TFLAC operative and has been out of contact. He returns to more and more angry messages from Emily, notifying him of his father’s death. The last time he saw his father, he spent more time with Emily and has not been able to forget her.

The terrorist cell, Black Rose, is targeting the best of the experts in art restoration. Max Aries is determined to eliminate the threat and keep Emily Greene safe, and then ride off into the sunset alone. Emily will have something to say about that.

As is usual in this suspenseful series, the author has combined charismatic and complex characters with a spine tingling and suspenseful plot. Both Max and Emily have less than great relationships with their parent. Strangely, Emily’s situation was much worse than Max’s, but she is the better adjusted of the two. At least Max had a responsible and loving mother, Emily’s only parenting actually came from Max’s father, and that was from a distance until she graduated. I loved the setting in Italy and the high tech TFLAC headquarters in Montana. The supporting characters are well written and the villains wonderfully evil; and not all of them are obvious. The relationship between Max and Emily is very involving. I loved watching Max try to fight his feelings for Emily. The climax is exciting if a little bloody, making this a great roller coaster ride of a read.

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