ISBN# 1-59596-158-5
July 2005
Changeling Press
35 Pages
Action Adventure, Sci-Fi, BDSM

Sandrine, otherwise known as Sandy, is a beautiful creature who is quickly becoming
more mentally unstable after members of her family are assaulted and killed. When she
injures a potential suspect and nearly kills her lover, she knows desperate measures
must be taken. Sandy hopes to find redemption in pain and bondage, but will the man
who loves her get to her in time to save her?

Tamerlan, or "Tam", knows Sandy is worth saving, but every time he gets close to her
she moves farther and farther away. As resilient and determined as he is sexy, he will try
anything to save Sandy and have her return to their home as Queen.  

After the attack on her family, Sandy devotes her life to finding the killers and avoiding
the responsibilities of being the Queen of Etrigani. While she acknowledges how much
she loves and needs her former lover, Tam has vowed that she must return to him.
Luckily he is not above a little mental conviction. As Sandy sinks deeper into self
destructive guilt and despair, the need to save her drives Tam and a couple of his
friends into desperate action.

The follow up to Hentai Dreams, this short story by Sage Grayson is a wonderful
continuation. The sex is super hot, especially for those who like a little added violence. I
enjoyed how smoothly the dialogue flowed, especially the mental connection between
Sandy and Tam. In Sandy, Ms Grayson has written a character so sympathetic that I
found myself justifying some of her scarier actions. The interaction of Sandy and Tam,
along with characters from the first book, is nearly perfect; moving, humorous, touching,
and sexy all within just a few pages. This is an exceptional and shocking book. I loved it,
but for readers not accustomed to violence in a romance, I suggest you read an excerpt,
then quickly go buy this book.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance