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ISBN 3908466
September 2008
E Book/Paperback
E Book-$5.00/Paperback-$13.34
378 pages
Gay historical romance
Rating: 4 cups

The son of a prosperous Kansas business man, Sutton Albright is a gay man living in a time when homosexuality is a crime. Upon hurting his hand during the war, he is sent home from France to Topeka by way of New York City. His dream of playing piano professionally is crushed. He returns to college, but is expelled after an affair with his male professor. Packing his things, he hops a train to New York City in hopes of beginning a new life.

Jack Bailey is a man on the brink of disaster. Scenes from the war he fought in are so disturbing that he feels his choices of how to deal with them are narrowing to one--the asylum. The business his father ran for thirty years, Bailey’s Emporium, is circling the drain. Jack has borrowed money from Marshall Chase and he cannot pay off his debts. His only love is an old radio he is trying to restore.

Sutton is working as an errand boy at a diner. If Jack would turn his struggling family business into a gin joint, Marshall Chase would forgive his debts. When Sutton is robbed, beaten and put in the hospital, he loses his job and his room. Jack takes him in and asks Sutton to play piano on the radio channel Jack broadcasts from his store. Sutton’s playing begins to draw in customers and hopes are high that the emporium might be saved. An evening out that involves a little too much champagne puts Jack and Sutton in a place that neither are prepared for.

What a wonderful story. There is so much going on that I could not put it down. I found myself being carried back in time. The characters are so alive. The colorful descriptions bring the scenes on the New York streets to life. Ms. Allen gets the reader’s attention and makes them take notice.

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