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ISBN #: 978-1-934475-93-5
August 2008
Amira Press
142 Pages
Dark Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Jayd owns a New Age store. She sells books, herbs, and employs massage therapists as well. She is particularly attracted to one mysterious employee.

Seth is a Raven Warrior. He is only able to assume human form for the three days of the full moon. During those days, he works for Jayd and eats chili and cheese fries.

Every Raven Warrior has a heart mate. Seth has been a Warrior for twenty-five hundred years and has almost given up on finding his. When a vampire and his coven target Jayd, he realizes she is the person he has been looking for. There is conflict and dissent among the Warriors, and their Banshee Queen grows more and more unstable. Seth is distracted by this, and it could cost him the love of his life.

This is an interesting story with colorful characters and an unusual melding of many different mythologies. Such complexity can be a little confusing at times to those who like their pantheons pure, but it seems to work here. Seth and Jayd’s relationship is full of conflict. He seems to lack any understanding of the changes in her life, and she has a difficult time accepting the unacceptable. The other characters are extremely vivid. There are some very exciting scenes throughout the book. This looks like a series that will be around for a while; there are quite a few Ravens to go, as well as more than one unresolved conflict.

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