ISBN 1-59431-266-3
December 2005
Write Words, Inc.
331 Pages

On the night before her wedding, Layne finds her fiancé and her maid of honor in bed
together.  They were also conspiring to murder her for her inheritance after the wedding.
 Layne, kicks them out of her home and her life, and cancels the wedding.  Her
grandmother always wanted her to explore her roots, so instead of her honeymoon in
Tahiti, she takes a plane to Virginia.  Sadly, her problems follow her.

Max is happy to be Sheriff in the area of Virginia where he was raised.  He needed to
find a place to heal after the deaths of his fiancée and his partner in Richmond.  His
jurisdiction is so quiet it is almost boring. Until Layne arrives in the area.

A runaway bride is followed by her homicidal would-be husband to rural Virginia.  A
handsome Sheriff and his family assist her, and she falls in love with both.  Unfortunately,
her former fiancé and his associates do not give up easily.

This suspenseful novel is full of twists and turns, often leaving the reader breathless.  
Max and Layne are very likable characters, and Lily is a hoot.  Although the story is
occasionally a little confusing, all of the loose ends are tied up at the finish, making this
a very entertaining read.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance