ISBN 1-59279-435-1
Amber Quill Publishing
96 Pages
Paranormal Erotica

Eden is a sculptor who suffered a terrible attack by an ex-lover. The attack left her blind
and a little wary of her future, but stronger in many respects. In the interests of simplifying
her new life, she moves to a beautiful cottage in the village of Raven’s Cove, a cottage
rumored to be haunted.

Mark is the ghost haunting the cottage. An artist himself, he was murdered by his wife’s
lover and is waiting in the cottage for revenge. Eden is the first person to move into the
house who seems right for it, and Mark is very drawn to her.

The two lost souls find and comfort each other. Eden rebuilds her life and starts
sculpting again. She is in love with Mark, but he is only a spirit, in spite of what he
makes her feel. Eden wishes to help Mark find peace, but Mark does not want to leave
her. When her ex-lover escapes from jail, Eden is in serious danger, but how can a blind
woman and a ghost defend themselves against a man who is pure evil?

This is a wonderful and sensual love story. The author really helps the reader see the
world through a blind woman’s perspective, and she can certainly write vivid love
scenes. The characters are very realistic, well-written and the story is one the reader will
have a hard time putting down.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance