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ISBN # 978-0-9801777-9-4
January 2008
Mystic Moon Press
129 Pages
Dark Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Tempest Xander is the keeper of the Tome. It has been under her family’s protection for generations and is a well held secret. Tempest maintains the hiding place through a series of spells that she continuously reinforces. She also uses her powers to keep her small farm safe and the local villagers healthy.

Dellor the Black comes to the small hamlet searching for the Tome. He is a wizard feared for his black magic, and the Tome will make him more powerful than any wizard that has ever lived. He has no problem forcing his will on others, but meeting Tempest proves to be his toughest challenge yet.

When a rich and powerful stranger stays at Tempest’s inn she cannot imagine why. He is the most beautiful man that she has ever seen, and having him near makes her question her sanity. Dellor believes Tempest is the keeper of the Tome. He weaves a spell to win her confidence which seems to have affected both of them. It has also caused his black heart to come to life. However, he is not the only one interested in the Tome. The Tome holds the key to their future, may it be good or evil.

This dark fantasy makes for a very intriguing love story with both dark and light characters. Tempest is a powerful avatar whom does not know the extent of her own strength. Though she might fear Dellor her love for him will not be denied. Dellor questions his actions a lot yet he refuses to give in to his dark side because of his feelings for Tempest. These two have such a wonderful dynamic pair. It is well written story with sensual love scenes and action packed drama.

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