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ISBN#: 9781935192091
September 22, 2008
Dreamspinner Press
69 Pages
M/M Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Royce Spaulding is a writer now living in New York. He has returned to his hometown of Ashton, South Carolina, to bury his uncle, the town drunk, and permanently cut any ties he has to the town.

Caden Foster is from one of Ashton’s most influential families, with a father who expects him to go into politics, and a fiancée he does not want nor love.

When Caden hears that Royce is back in town, he contacts him asking to see him just one last time. However, Royce has changed and has already decided that he wants nothing to do with his former lover, no matter how much it might hurt him to say no. Will Royce’s refusal finally wake Caden up to the lie he is living and give them another chance?

When Love Comes Back Around is stellar m/m romance! I LOVED this story! The emotions are written in such a way that the reader feels every one of them as though she herself were in the main character’s shoes. I liked how Caden finally realized that his dad was never going to change, and began to change himself. Kelly, Caden’s fiancée, was a real piece of work, and while I disliked her intensely I thought it was cool how Caden finally trumped her in the end. Royce’s transformation from just being the nephew of the town drunk into a successful writer living in New York shows that where you come from is not as important as what you do with that knowledge. The love between Caden and Royce lives and breathes in this story. While there are no graphic sexual scenes, it is one that does not need them. A beautiful story that I am more than happy to highly recommend.

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