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ISBN # (10) 1-55404-615-7 / (13) 978-1-55404-615-7
October 2008
Double Dragon Publishing
P.O. Box 54016 1-5762 Highway 7 East
Markham Ontario L3P 7Y4 Canada
115 Pages
Fantasy/Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Deanne is on her way home from a long shift at work and will be glad to get off her feet. Only, there are two men that feel differently and have other, not so good, plans for her. Suddenly, a burst of lighting shatters the night and a knight appears. He very quickly renders the men incapable of doing anything.

Randwulf is protecting the princess when the attack happens, and he is knocked out while the enemy takes off with Princess Audrey. Spinning through time he is transported to where Deanne is, frees her from the clutches of two evil men; yet he himself is bleeding, close to death.

With worlds that could not be any more different, Randwulf tells Deanne of a prophecy to bring peace between enemies. He also cannot say how he got there, but when they are transported back to his time, Deanne must fight for her life as well. With all the mystery and betrayal, will peace ever come to these two lands?

This book is definitely action packed. The battle lines of good and evil are not clearly defined, and betrayal and secrets are plentiful in When Lightening Flashed. This is an entertaining read, yet I felt a bit lost in the middle but was able to quickly find my place again; other than that brief glitch, this was a good read.

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