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ISBN# 9781603942508
December 2008
New Concepts Publishing
83 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Caitlin Fitzgerald is leaving Ireland and going to Australia. Becoming the governess of two children was not something she planned to do.

Jake Monterey has a demanding job that takes him away from his kids all too often. It has been two years since his wife passed away, and each day the ache in his heart is still as raw as the first day.

Meeting the Monterey children, Caitlin can tell right away that something is wrong. Days go by before their absentee father shows up, with a beautiful woman in tow. After confronting Jake about being away from the family so much, they come to a peaceful truce that leads to a new tension. Every time they see each other, a new spark arcs between them, but an old threat from Caitlin’s past is back and willing to destroy anyone who gets in his way.

When Danger Follows starts off well enough, with Ms. Andersen giving enough hint of mystery to keep me interested. Soon after, though, the story started to slow down and it just dragged on for me. The story is only eighty-three pages, but it felt as if it were longer. As I got closer to the end, the storyline did pick up a little bit, but in reality this tale was just okay.

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