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ISBN# (10)0-345-45660-2/(13)978-0-345-45660-1
April 10, 2007
Ballantine (Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
304 Pages
Historical; Fiction/Suspense; Fiction - War World War One Series, Book #5
Rating: 5 Cups

Chaplain Joseph Reavley thought the war would end in only a few months. Now over four years later, he has seen more tragedy and bloodshed than anyone should see in a lifetime. He prays for peace soon, for all the families.

Matthew Reavley is trying to find the Peacemaker. If he can be found, perhaps the war can finally come to an end. After he is suspected of killing a nurse, he has more to worry about than finding the Peacemaker.

Judith Reavley has been an ambulance driver ever since the war started. She is tired of the war-torn conditions.

Joseph, in his role as chaplain, is devastated by the cruelty and destruction of war, and he prays constantly for an end to it. He is especially disturbed by the violence and violation of women and worries for his sister's welfare. Praying is not enough for Matthew, and he sets his course to find the Peacemaker, a man who can stop all the bloodshed. His search is compromised when he is accused of murdering a nurse and will not reveal his true reason for being at the scene. Judith helps in every way she can, especially when it comes to clearing her brother's name. The three of them are there for each other as they pursue a killer and any semblance of peace.

Once again, Anne Perry, lines-up a cast that delivers a breathtaking read while capturing the essence of war. The powerful emotions of Joseph, Matthew, and Judith reach into the reader’s heart and soul. It is hard not to share in the loss of all the soldiers in this incredible story. This heart-tugging drama depicts the cries, the bloodshed and the pain that afflicts those in battle. Judith, Lizzie and all the women that support the men in the war lend strong credibility throughout every page. We Shall Not Sleep is a remarkable story with a triumphant ending that really gave me pause. Ms. Perry’s portrait of war leaps from the pages and stirs the sentiments of the reader in this extraordinary read.

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