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ISBN# Unavailable
April 2007
Amira Press
16 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Shana is visiting a friend’s cabin. He lent it to her for a getaway to recover from receiving her final divorce decree and she does not want any company, or so she thinks.

Evan is looking forward to his weekend at the cabin to relax and unwind. He is pleasantly surprised at what he finds there, but decides that "finders keepers".

A newly divorced woman shares a passionate weekend with a stranger. She enjoys the fling and does not hope for anything more, but does not count on the tenacity of her new lover.

I enjoyed this story and its sensual love scenes. The story is written in the first person which can be a little distracting, but works here. The dialogue can be a little overtly ethnic, but it works within the story. However, there were a few problems. The main character is a bit shallow. Without checking up on him, she falls into bed with a man she has never seen before in a strange place. We never really get to know Evan other than through Shana’s experience with him in the bedroom. Shana is pretty ‘take charge’ and Evan lets her, the role reversal complete when he makes her breakfast and later chases her down because he wants a relationship. The author is also inconsistent in Shana’s job title. Is she a financial consultant or administrative assistant for the Department of Agriculture? Overall, this is a good story of a weekend encounter, but there should have been more details and fewer loose ends.

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