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ISBN#: 9781590529256
March 2008
Multnomah Books, a division of Random House
12665 Oracle Blvd. Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80921
304 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Julia Kane had fallen deeply in love with Adam. She did not mind leaving her home to come to Texas. She hated to see him go off to war but when he is killed, she has to figure out how to piece her life back together. Her husband's family is so sweet to her and pitches in to help her heal. Being in this loving Christian home is the best thing her heart could ever need. Little does she know that someone is pining after her. Her heart hurts too much and only time can heal this one.

Alan Alamo Kane has always loved Julia. He holds his feelings in since there is way too much going on. With Mexico still wanting to own Texas, Alan might just have to go to battle again. He just asks the Lord to help him keep things slow. Having his brothers with him will be the moral support he needs, no matter where he is, home or away. He knows he can lean on his family and that the people who run his ranch will do a good job.

After the Alamo, the whole Kane clan is reeling from Adam's death. Alan, who acquires the nickname Alamo, is bothered most of all. It seems like even after the Alamo, the war between the United States and Mexico is not over. He has no clue how it will wrap his whole family into it. He knows that he will feel more secure volunteering this time with his other two brothers and the prayers of his family and the members of his congregation. He prays that no one else gets hurt because he is sure that his family cannot take any more heartbreak.

Having read a lot of inspirational fiction throughout my life, I have heard of these authors. I was truly impressed with how well they were able to put their Christian faith into practice during the time period that they picked. The couple did a fantastic job of instilling emotions in the characters that we still feel today when our loved ones go off to war. I truly felt for the whole Kane family and was so proud of their willingness to go off to fight a war so that they could hope to be free. Alan was such a Godly man but he made sure that everything was taken care of before he left. He knew that his family would take care of things while he was gone. This is one series that I am anxiously awaiting to see what happens next.

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