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ISBN# 9780515145830
February 2009
$7.99 US/ $8.99 CAN
360 pages
Medical Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Amanda Mason is a fourth-year medical student at Angels of Mercy Medical Center in Pittsburgh. She is the daughter of a southern belle who feels Amanda should be a belle, too, instead of a tomboy. When a patient comes in showing some symptoms Amanda herself has been noticing, fear for her health, even her life, begins to take over.

Gina Freeman is facing enough problems of her own. She is dealing with the trauma of being shot at during a rescue and does not know how to handle it. Her family certainly is no help. LaRose and Moses Freeman believe their daughter should do something more worthy with her life, such as helping her mother run her charity. Life is tossing a lot of challenges in her path, but can Gina step up to the plate?

This novel focuses on the doctors, nurses and interns at Angels of Mercy Medical Center. There are four women in the spotlight: Amanda Mason, Gina Freeman, Dr. Lydia Fiore -- the emergency attending -- and Nora Halloran -- the emergency day shift charge nurse. Patients are in and out all day, but there is one particular patient that catches the emergency room doctors' attention. It seems there have been a couple of other patients in the past who have shown similar symptoms and passed away, all under the care of Dr. Lucas Stone. Reviewing the cases, they all hope to be able to save this one. If they can do that, maybe they can save one of their own.

This read like one of the episodes of my favorite medical drama. It kept my attention throughout the entire book. I did not want to put it down even to sleep. Drama, romance, medical emergencies and a little police action, this has it all. It helps that Ms. Lyons has a medical background. With her knowledge, she is able to suck the reader into the hospital and the action. What an incredible way to spend a few hours!

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