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ISBN- 9781441481610/ Unavailable
February 2009
Hearts on Fire Books
Paperback/ E-book
$19.99/ $5.99
378 pages
Rating: 2 cups

Sydney Benning is a twenty-five year old writer for the magazine W.O.W. - Women of the World. Her job is to meet and interview eligible bachelors about what they believe woman want. She is a widow who feels lucky to be out of a horrible marriage.

Daniel “Danny” McCloud is a twenty-year-old actor. Taking every acting job he can get, he has the intention of marrying Sydney and creating a life with her. His life comes to a screeching halt when she leaves.

Sydney met Danny a year ago and all she can think about is him. To celebrate Danny’s Golden Globe nomination, she agrees to meet him in Vegas. After a night of passion, Sydney runs. Danny is upset and his agent, Max, sets him up with a gorgeous model who comes with her own boyfriend/ drug dealer. Sydney finds herself in the arms of another man, but pregnant with Danny’s baby. Refusing to marry the other man, she does allow him to adopt her son. Danny’s drug addiction becomes a real issue when he loses his jobs. Danny turns to Max for help in trying to get his life back on track.

This story begins with a woman telling how she likes to gamble, but I do not see that at all. Sydney is cold hearted and vicious while Danny is a weak soul. The title really tells it all since that is what both characters are looking for… Warm Bodies, Cold Hearts. Ms. Rice has the reader going back and forth between dates of events and the characters. I found this confusing and hard to keep up with. The story drags in areas, but the elaborate sex scenes are way too drawn out. I would recommend leaving this one on the store shelf.

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