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ISBN: 9781434387547
May 2008
484 Pages
Moral and Tasteful Fictional Romance; Christian Romance; Inspirational Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Dana Tarrington has been happily married for just a short while when she begins to feel tired and her body feels like it is being drained of energy. Being told to take a pregnancy test by a coworker, she fears the worst because her husband wants to wait a few years before they start a family.

Mitch Tarrington, or Trip as his friends know him, finds himself angry at himself but mostly his wife for her condition. His attitude changes when he realizes that it takes two to make a baby and begins to take steps to claim responsibility.

Mitch and Dana begin a slow uphill battle with the pregnancy as hormones, weight gain, and fear of the unknown becomes a revolving role in their marriage. Mitch finds himself lying about something in the past as he tries to hide the truth from his wife. Dana finds out the truth and it may be the end of their brief marriage as they know it. After kicking her husband out of their apartment, things escalate from bad to worse when a freak accident lands Dana in the hospital, with the possibility of death for her unborn child as well as herself.

Waiting for Tomorrow really surprised me. When I saw how big it was, I was expecting it to take me forever to read. However, once I became intertwined with Dana and Mitch’s story, I forgot all about how big the novel is and instead focused on this amazing tale. The two main characters are just beginning to explore their own relationship as newlyweds when the shock of pregnancy is added to the mix, giving it an extra zing for entertainment. With some very realistic conflicts that go from everyday life, to married life, to becoming a first time parent, Ms. Alferio has written the perfect novel to keep you interested. And with a shocking ending to this second book in the series, I can guarantee you will be begging to read the final novel in this trilogy to see what happens next!

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