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ISBN# 1-934329-36-3
March 2007
Mardi Gras Publishing
134 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

After she found her fiancé in bed with someone else, Alanya has spent the last few years growing her business. She has hidden herself away and spent the time healing and fantasizing about the man who walks past her shop every morning.

Naylor is living in his own private hell. His wife is brittle and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. His sexy receptionist is openly hostile and hateful. Suddenly, one night changes is whole life.

When Naylor is drugged and seduced by his receptionist, who is also his wife’s former and future lover, his life turns upside down. The possibility of a happy life with the beautiful umbrella shopkeeper keeps him hopeful.

This is a very difficult read. Alanya is a very likeable character, as is her friend Kazz. The other characters are not so likable. The receptionist is a manipulative tramp, the wife is a screaming spoiled shrew and Naylor is a sobbing doormat. The lesbian love scenes are not for everyone and the characters live a bit too much in their heads with limited action. It is sometimes difficult to separate dreams and thoughts from the actual action in the story. The author is very descriptive and Alanya and Naylor make a nice couple in their minds as well as in the story. This story has potential and would be better if the thought dialogues were actions or actual speech.

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