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ISBN#: 978-1-897560-07-5
September 2008
Blade Publishing
35 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Vixen is a very rare being; a female Kyn Warrior. She has always been different, but has never felt more out of place than at her king Marak’s wedding. No one has ever seen her in a dress, much less the pink confection she is forced to wear.

Kalen is the king’s right hand man. The powerful Kyn Warrior has always been attracted to the tall blonde Vixen, but a bad relationship in the past makes him reluctant to act on his attraction.

Being a bridesmaid at Marak and Maria’s wedding is a mixed blessing. On the downside, she is forced to wear a dress that she hates, on the upside; she attracts the attention of the man she has always been attracted to. Their romance has more than the usual ups and downs; the downs can be downright deadly.

I really enjoyed this quick read. Kalen and Vixen are charismatic characters with a strong attraction to each other. Vixen has always been different and has never felt wanted and Kalen was rejected and betrayed by his former wife. Once they act on the attraction the love scenes are scorchers. The second part of the book is in a different area entirely. The scenes in the pixie’s barrow are exciting and not at all what I expected. I cannot wait to read more about the world of the Kyn.

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