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ISBN # 9781597053082
August 2008
Wings ePress
E Book
177 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Faith Gentry is a police officer with training in forensics; unusual in her small town. Her brother, Dawson, is the sheriff, and her father owns the local funeral home. She is married, but her husband deserted her after the murder of his mother.

Larkin Gentry has had some ups and downs in his life, particularly after his mother’s murder and his own overdose. He is now a famous and respected archeologist and professor.

There is something deadly in the woods near Damascus, North Carolina. It has been killing for years, but the frequency has intensified now and something needs to be done before more people die. The authorities call in a noted archeologist whose specialty is forensics. Larkin Gentry is the man for the job, but the skeletons in his own closet--particularly his treatment of his wife, Faith, and the fact that his mother was a victim of the monster, may interfere with his investigation.

This is an engrossing story that starts out like a typical suspense tale. Things quickly turn paranormal. I enjoyed the mystery and the search for the mysterious entity in the woods, and the story of Faith and Larkin’s rekindled romance. The author has captured the essence of a small town and merged it with a creepy thriller of a story. The characters and the setting are wonderfully drawn, as is the ominous and eerie atmosphere. I particularly liked the character of the Sheriff, and his mother who talks to flowers who actually answer her. There are bits of humor here and there to lighten the mood. I was unable to put this one down once I started, and I think I will have trouble sleeping tonight.

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