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The Argeneau and Rogue Hunter Series

Book 1 : A Quick Bite
Book 2 : Love Bites
Book 3 : Single White Vampire
Book 4 : Tall Dark & Hungry
Book 5 : A Bite to Remember
Book 6 : Bite Me if You Can
Book 7 : The Accidental Vampire
Book 8 : Vampires are Forever
Book 9 : Vampire Interrupted
Book 10 : The Rogue Hunter
Book 11 : The Immortal Hunter
Book 12 : The Renegade Hunter
Bitten by Cupid Anthology
Book 13 : Born to Bite
Book 14 : Hungry for You
Book 15 : The Reluctant Vampire
The Bite Before Christmas (Anthology)
Book 16: Under a Vampire Moon

ISBN# 978-0-06-122969-5
January 29, 2008
AVON (Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
$6.99 U.S./$9.99 Canada
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Vampire
Rating: 4 Cups

Inez Urso works for Bastien Argeneau and is one of his best employees. She finds it hard to believe that vampires actually exist until she practically baby-sits Thomas Argeneau who appears to have certain distinguished traits.

Thomas Argeneau could be considered the perfect date. The only drawback is his allergic reaction to the sun, not much of a food appetite, and being a vampire. It has been a two-hundred year wait for the perfect woman to enter his life, and Inez is the one.

Inez is requested by her boss, Bastien, to go to the airport and pick up his cousin, Thomas. She knows about Thomas and feels it is a waste picking up some useless layabout loafer but she is to collect him and take him to the hotel, making sure he has everything he needs. She intends to make sure he has everything he needs once she tells him off for leaving before she is able to collect him. Thomas learns that Inez is supposed to show him around London since she is familiar with the area. With Bastien’s mother missing, he needs Inez to help Thomas find her, something Bastien failed to mention. Now the two must work closely together. Inez is not happy working with an ingrate who for some reason gets under her skin in a heated way. Thomas is not thrilled that Inez is there to help him locate his Aunt Marguerite but just being in close proximity with her makes him believe she is the real one that should be in his life forever.

Vampires Are Forever is an enticing read. The sensual passion between Inez and Thomas builds up and captures the reader. I love the way Thomas and Inez seem to fit together even though at first they keep pushing away their temptation for the other. The banter between the two, and their emotions, really stands out making this an absolute grand tale. This installment with Thomas brings more of the family into the picture and shows a different side to each Argeneau that only gets better with age. Lynsay Sands has a gifted talent of writing style that engages the reader with each story she tells. I absolutely love this vampire series and look for more of her unique prose.

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