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ISBN: 978-1-935013-01-3
March 11, 2008
Freya’s Bower
47 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Uthiel is an Undine. Her people live within the waterfall deep in the forest. She is able to take a corporeal form when leaving the water, and in doing so, met a mortal for the first time.

Prince Nikolas of Lambert takes his responsibilities very seriously. He vows to protect his entire kingdom; not just those living within the city walls. Raiders have ransacked many of the outlying villages and he feels it is his duty to protect all.

The man in the metal armor fascinates Uthiel. She has never seen a being like him in all of her many years. He is ruggedly handsome and she cannot take her eyes off of him. Nikolas ventures into the forest to calm his nerves. He and his men were almost too late in saving the last village, and he needs some time to pull himself together. A faint song calls to him and he finds himself at the base of a waterfall to rest, and happens upon the most beautiful creature he has ever seen. Uthiel is just as taken with Nikolas, but the forest gnomes are adamant that she keep away from the mortal. Nikolas is forced out of the forest and threatened with his life should he ever return. Both Uthiel and Nikolas are bound by their respective lives and the cost of being together may be too great for either to bear.

This is a fantasy filled with innocence and love, tragedy and pain. It is a well-written fairy tale with the main characters being sweet, sassy, and honorable, while the villains are deceitful and treacherous. The imagery is nicely done and is probably my favorite part of the story. This story is light and fun to read.

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