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ISBN#: 9780345506245
July 2008
Ballantine Books
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Trade Paperback
410 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Eva Kennedy has worked in her uncle's deli since she left art school. She has been happy, but her uncle wants to retire and give the shop to her. She does not know if she will be successful, and her confidence is further shaken when her boyfriend reveals his true colors.

Joe Wheeler is a successful industrial designer, but the fun has gone out of his work. His staff and his mother hope his trip to Australia will bring the old Joseph back. His mother hopes he visits his father and resolves the issues between them.

While visiting her best friend in Melbourne, Eva is talked into pretending that she is a famous Irish sculptor and singer as a joke on Lainey's friends. The lie grows out of proportion when she meets the very attractive Joe, who is on a working backpacking vacation. But Joe is not what he seems either. They are rapidly falling in love and neither knows how to tell the other the truth.

Eva and Joe's story is a classic if complicated love story. Lainey starts the trouble by making up a story about Eva's background. Lacking confidence in herself to begin with, Eva finds it impossible to tell the truth. Joe is escaping a bit from his stressful life and his story kind of just grows on its own. The author has created two very memorable characters here. Lainey and her friend Greg were more difficult to like. Lainey seems to think nothing of putting her friend into impossible positions such as living up to a false life and leaving her cat with a friend who is terrified of them. She comes through in the end, though. The subplot of Joe's meeting with his father was also well done, making this a nicely rounded and entertaining story.

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