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ISBN# Unavailable
January 2009
Lyrical Press, Inc.
266 pages
Romance/Time Travel
Rating: 4 Cups

Keiranne has a lot on her mind. She has just broken off her engagement and is turning thirty in a few days. Suddenly, thoughts of her mother begin to resurface. Living with the fear that she may die at the age of thirty, like her mother did, her best friend decides she needs a solo vacation. Winning a trip to Mexico, she decides to do some leisurely touring by herself to clear her mind.

Tlalocelot is a Mayan prince in ancient Mexico who should rightfully be next in line to his father’s throne. But, since his mother died after giving birth to him, he has been raised by his stepmother who has plans of her own. She intends to make her biological son the next king. Tlalocelot must prove to his father that he is the rightful heir to the throne and not his younger half brother.

One moment Keiranne finds herself in the twenty-first century, the next she is twenty eight centuries in the past. This blond haired, blue eye beauty is mistaken for a goddess by the bronzed skin, raven haired Tlalocelot. Keiranne struggles to remember her past after mysteriously ending up in this ancient Mayan culture. Slowly, she begins to remember who she is as she falls in love with Tlalocelot. Something about him is strangely familiar. With her help, his father chooses him as the next king. That is when the plotting begins. Tlalocelot’s stepmother, his half brother and a high priest (who knows more about time travel than he lets on) run havoc to prevent Tlalocelot from taking the throne. Keiranne leaps to his rescue jumping in and out of time, changing history and the future. She will do anything to help Tlalocelot. But in the end, will her efforts be in vain? Even though she loves Tlalocelot, can she really stay in the ancient world when her life is in the modern world?

At times seeming like a New Age metaphysical lesson, other times seeming like a mathematical riddle, this book is destined to keep your eyes squinted and brows bunched. Part love story, part astrological tale, the characters are as complex as the story line. Diving in and out of time eras, only the attentive reader will be able to keep up with this mind twisting tale that seems to jump from scene to scene and era to era at the mathematical speed of sound…over even faster…light.

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