ISBN:  0-505-52574-7
June 2005
Dorchester Publishing/Love Spell
276 Fifth Avenue, Room 1008 New York, NY 10001
368 pages
Futuristic Romance

Torrie Masters is the youngest and only girl in the Masters family.  She has six older
brothers and has red hair, green eyes, and her father’s streak of stubbornness.  With her
pistols in the holsters on her thighs and a childhood growing up in the family that built the
massive Masters Shipping, she is not the captain whose cargo you want to hijack.

Qaade Deter, has silver eyes and a black face wrap.  Known as the Ghost Rider of the
Dead Zone, he and his pirates are trying to be obliging to the needy.  How was he to
know his latest victim did not want to donate her medical supplies to his Slipstream

Qaade places former slaves in new homes and tries to reunite families that are victims
of the vicious slave trade.  He wants all slaves free, whether slavery is legal on a planet
or not.  The psychotic slaver, who is playing everyone and everything like pieces in a
puzzle, has his own agenda.

We cannot skip Nod.  This author brought to life a computerized light ball in a sparkling
character that zips around asking if it can help.  Then to make you laugh even more, Nod
runs out of power and forgets whatever it was that it learned.  This is one character that
is absolutely captivating.

C.J. Barry blows the top off the best books list with Unmasked.  She gives us a thrilling
plot with sensational characters that keep your nose buried so far in the book, that it is  
hard to turn the pages.  Non-stop action will have your blood fired up and you ready to
roll.  Do not miss the passionate love story woven into the works, either.  Every page is
so good, readers all over the world will want to ensure they do not miss this exciting
taste of C.J. Barry’s best. Buy the book and read it again and again.

Brenda McCoy
Reviewer Karen Find Out About New Book Reviews
Reviewer Coffee Time Romance