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ISBN# 9780440243625
November 6, 2007
Dell Paperback (Bantam Dell)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
320 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Psychologist Christina McMullan has had two attempts on her life in the past two months. It leaves her two valuable lessons. One, make sure her security system is armed, and two, stop at Yum Yum Donuts everyday before work because one never knows if it will be their last.

LAPD Lieutenant Jack Rivera is very interested in Christina. After arriving at her house when a man is killed in her front yard, he uncovers some interesting information. He intends to make sure she is protected while warming up to her heart.

Christina continues to tell herself that Jack is not good for her quiet inner self. He has such a mysterious appeal to him. She cannot put her finger on it exactly. It could be his little boy love for stray dogs, his enigmatic smile, or maybe the way he fills out his jeans. Then again he is about as reliable as an offshore squall. Her life seems to go downhill after meeting a man at a gas station. Will Swanson shares some conversation with Christina while he cleans her windshield but she never anticipates hours later he will show up at her house. Instead of inviting him inside, they talk outside. Christina hears gunshots and Will sprawls on the ground in front of her. Jack shows up at the scene and begins his interrogation. From his investigation findings, it appears Will was a hit man and that Christina’s life may be in danger. When her brother Pete comes to visit from Chicago, Christina has the feeling that she is not the one in danger but Pete, who favors the deceased, Will, a bit. Pete seems to have his own baggage of trouble with him, leaving Christina trying to get to the truth before another murder takes place.

Unmanned is a fast-paced read that keeps the reader on their toes. Christina is a powerful heroine who is serious about her job. I like the way she calmly handles situations. The simmering relationship between Jack and Christina is wonderfully crafted. I love the way Christina thinks about Jack, not to mention the banter they share. Just as the striking couple interacts and searches for the killer, Lois Greiman pulls the reader into the same hunt, keeping them guessing all the way to the end in this marvelous read loaded with action and suspense, and an awesome dog named Harlequin.

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