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ISBN # (13)978-1-60174-037-3 / (10)1-6174-037-9
March 14, 2008
Uncial Press
277 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sir Roddri of Wellingmar is on the verge of his destiny. Being brought before Queen Tyrla is a start to a very prosperous life. He never dreamed he would be accepted into the Queen’s personal service at such a young age and he fully intends to take advantage of the situation.

Lady Zimara is an Imp, and as such an outcast in the land of Langisvelda. Her adopted parents took her in at a very young age but her lineage is very visible to the eye. Conflicts between the Imps and the Langisveldans have been going on for generations. Many people view all Imps as the enemy.

Roddri is ecstatic to be in the service of the Queen. The warnings and whispers of impropriety do nothing to sway his allegiance to her, until it is too late. He must leave everything behind which includes a young Lady Zimara. Lady Zimara is devastated when she hears about Roddri. Many months of pain and heartache commence before the two are given another chance. Their journey comes full circle, but to restore peace many will suffer. Can their love for each other survive all of the pain and deceit they are forced to endure?

I found this story to be magical. Each character has strengths and weaknesses that enliven them to the reader. Roddri is young and impressionable in the beginning, but becomes a man worthy of his title as the story unfolds. Zimara has an inner strength that keeps her from falling victim to despair when everything in her life is in such turmoil. Their trials and triumphs make them appreciate the love they have for each other, and leaves the reader cheering them on. This story is expertly written, sweeping you right along with the characters through their amazing journey.

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