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ISBN#: 0981601162/9780981601113
April 2008
Crescent Moon Press
1385 Highway 35 Box 269 Middletown, New Jersey 07748
238 pages
Paranormal sci-fi
Rating 5 cups

Hannah Morgan is an ufologist that is, she studies UFOs. Well, mainly she interviews people who have been kidnapped by aliens for IREAL, a charity dedicated to proving the existence of life on other planets. Hannah works alone, not trusting anyone, after her ex-fiance turned out to be an undercover reporter. Gideon Cyrus offers to give IREAL half a million dollars to be allowed to work with Hannah for a month. She has little choice but to agree to his terms, but she does not like the electrical charge she feels every time they touch.

Gideon Cyrus is half human and half Olam, a superior alien race. Gideon still has to master all his Olam powers and he cannot change his form yet, but he can affect electrical equipment quite successfully. Earth is about to be taken over by the N'weretil, the race who have been studying Earth for decades. As his mentor, Joshua has ordered Gideon to leave the earth in one week. Determined to stay, Gideon decides to stop the invasion.

First, he needs the help of a respectable female ufologist. With his charm, manipulating a female human is going to be easy. Once he has met her, and forced her into allowing his company, Gideon soon realizes that Hannah is not going to be the pushover he thought. Concerned that Joshua seems to be around more than normal, and confused as to why his powers are working better than ever, Gideon throws everything at his goal and tells Hannah the truth.

An Alien, investigating alien abduction this has got to be one of the most original ideas I have heard in a long time. It has had me chuckling to myself for days. Gideon is male and arrogant in his beliefs, while still being naive about life in a normal, non-privileged world. Innately kind, he quickly becomes lovable and I found myself rooting for him despite his superior attitude. He learns a lot about life while he works with Hannah and matures into a selfless man willing to give anything for the Earth he loves. Hannah has her own lessons to learn, to trust in herself and in others. It was difficult to watch such a strong person struggle with such important parts of her life. Ms. Romo has given us an amazing story that made me laugh, cry, and wonder at the back of my mind what would happen next.

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