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ISBN#: 1554045924
July 2008
Double Dragon Publishing
172 pages
Fantasy Science Fiction
Rating: 3 cups

Doctor Harlan Ambrose is living on an alien planet with an eight-hundred-year-old reptilian general, Gavin Theron. Aware of his many previous relationships, how jealous and violent he can become, Harlan is reluctant to commit to marry Gavin.

General Gavin Theron loves Harlan; he has never doubted that. In fact, he isn’t sure why he finds it difficult to trust her. When Harlan is tricked into treating his brother, and is then kidnapped by him, Gavin finds he is going into battle not only for king and country but for his life and for Harlan.

The king asks Gavin to help him become the emperor. After he has left to aid the king, Gavin’s father, an evil sorcerer, confronts Harlan and asks her to help cure Gavin’s brother of a mental illness. Caught up in the excitement of such an unusual case, Harlan agrees, not realizing that it will result in not only her own kidnapping, but a battle for Gavin’s life.

The third book in the AEssyrian World series, this book is set in an alien planet where conflict never seems far away. The strong plot and interesting characters could have resulted in an excellent story. Unfortunately, it did not reach its maximum potential. I found myself waiting for something to happen, the war to become violent. Even Harlan’s kidnapping was not frightening.

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