ISBN:  1-55404-146-5
September 2004
Double Dragon Publishing
Fantasy, Sci-Fi
286 pages

“Only a fool wagers on the future” and Tanner and her brother, Conn, were not fools.
What they were is Halflings, part human and part elf.  Tanner agreed to help Faylon
along with his slave, Manny, find the mythical Sha-da-nay.  However, the forest,
Hagath, is cursed and Tanner is not taking them in the direction the map shows.

Captain Praxis is a half-blind tunnel badger and a former slave.  With her spiky
greenish-black hair and milky eyes, you would not think she could be a tracker,
especially since badgers lived their entire lives below the surface.  Prince Zavend of
the Preece is a scholar who was sent to find out who caused the death of Thrixsall, a
mage and sorcerer.  This wizard was also the caretaker of the Umbra Amulet.  A
priceless wyvern and terrestar gemstones are thrown into the pot to make things more

Caireya and Eronne are both slaves with special powers.  They are the key to their
master’s search of the desert for the ruined city of Maricor and its renowned school of
magic.  The legendary mage-king Lohar of Kaya had vanished with the city 500 years
ago.  Lord Demor owns both Caireya and Eronne.  He wants the wand that will fulfill his
quest to become the greatest wizard of the age.

The island of Thanos has a new temple priestess, Eirena.  She knows why the
Goddess Solone has abandoned the islanders.  Valgard of Arvalis is the leader of the
barbarians who want the jewels that are in the temple or on the island somewhere.

What fabulous reading!  These four authors combine to give the reader a peek into
wonderful fantasy worlds as vivid as a brilliant sunset on a clear day.  Sheri McGathy is
a jewel in her own kingdom of Sha-da-nay.  She creates unique characters that come
to life in front of your eyes.  Shannah Biondine has an imagination that I envy but
thoroughly enjoy in her story and twisty ending.  Jeanine Berry is a genius with fantasy
heroes.  She makes you wonder where she saw that gorgeous man.  Jeanne Allen
gives us a delightful story that is as unexpected as it is wonderful.  This book combines
some of the best of a quartet of very compatible stories from outstanding authors.  Buy
the book so you can reread the stories time and time again.  I am sure you will find
something new with each read.

Brenda McCoy
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance