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ISBN#: 978-1-60504-073-8
July 2008
Samhain Publishing
255 pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating 4 Cups

Sasha is looking for her father, Prince Mathias, who has been missing for a long time. Prince Jehan is one of the few people who believes he is still alive. Unsure of his honesty and his motives, Sasha leaves Jehan’s care and searches for her father alone. Having grown up in our world, Sasha finds it difficult not to draw attention to herself while she is in Khanerenth. She knows she must avoid standing out or risk being taken prisoner by the king as her mother has been.

As heir to the throne, Prince Jehan has spent many years convincing everyone he is a ‘sheep’. Uninterested in court or crown and a military embarrassment, Jehan is usually left alone to do as he wishes. Using this charade, he spends his time plotting against his father, the king. Using the colorful and lovable personality of the pirate Zathdar, Jehan spends his time disrupting the military actions and attempting to thwart their planned invasion, while he works at finding the hiding place of Prince Math whom he believes is the true king.

Both Prince Jehan and Sasha are working toward the same goal, but she does not trust him and he agrees she has no reason to. He believes in his cause and can only hope she will learn to love him as he is starting to love her. First they must find her father and to do that he must keep her alive, whether she wants his help or not.

I have enjoyed the antics of these characters. Clever, witty, and fun, they work their way through some difficult times. Ms Smith has written a colorful book that was fun to read and left me wanting to find the next book. As this is book two, in what I hope will be a series, I did find there are a number of points that were difficult to follow, referring to earlier events but not explaining them. This did not distract from the pleasure of reading and I’m still wondering what will happen next.

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