ISBN # 1-4199-0382-9
October 2005
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
156 Pages

Jill is furious when she is passed over for promotion, and takes it out on her car. The
problem is, the car belongs to Ethan, the handsome son of the woman who stole her job.
Losing her temper, Jill runs away on the only vacation she can afford, a senior citizens'
trip to Disney World. Unfortunately, she also runs into Ethan.

Newly divorced Ethan is setting his mother up in her new town when he meets Jill. Upon
discovering who she is, and stopping her from calling his mother a bad name, Ethan is
horrified at how much he wants Jill physically. During the bus trip to Orlando, he has to
fight even harder to get her out of his fantasies.  

The roadtrip gets worse when Jill and Ethan are seperated from the group.  Alone in a
hotel they admit they want each other, but the confrontational attitudes continue with
promises to "hate me in the morning”. Will their time together be enough to bring the two
closer than just a vacation fling.

Twice Upon a Roadtrip is a funny and clever romance. Just when I think I cannot stand
him, Ethan does something so perfect and I love his character all over again. The way
his mind works is hilarious, and his anger at the things he cannot control is wonderful.
The great dialogue demonstrates Ethan and Jill’s predicaments perfectly. The
secondary characters fit into the storyline well, and the trip backdrop gives the story
depth. The sex is well written and exciting, and a wonderful glimpse into Jill and Ethan’s
personalities. The whole story works well to build a cute and funny vacation romance.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books