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ISBN# (10): 1-933720-19-0 / (13):978-1-933720-19-7
July 2007
P.D. Publishing, Inc
P.O. Box 70, Clayton, NC 27528
Trade Paperback
300 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Brenna Renee Lanigan is given an invite to a party at Cassidy’s home. As the lead on the television series, Time Trails, Brenna realizes it will not look good if she does not show.

Cassidy Hyland is the epitome of Hollywood Scarlet and got her job on Time Trials because of hard work.

Even though they work together, Brenna really is not fond of Cassidy, as she forces herself to attend the birthday party at Cassidy’s home. Cassidy is glad to see Brenna arrive. Cassidy is happy with her life even though her parents feel disappointment because she left St. Louis for L.A. to be an actress. Her father is unrelenting, believing her the reason for her broken marriage. Brenna and Cassidy spend more time on rehearsals and scenes that leads to an attraction between the two. Brenna is surprised with her emotions, especially after a camping trip with Cassidy. With her marriage crumbling, Brenna shares stronger sensations with Cassidy, who imagines activities she could share with Brenna that make her knees weak. They wonder about their possibilities together.

Turning Point is the story of two women’s discovery of each other and their desire in life. No more living to impress others, they chart a course for their happiness. The wide range of multi-cast characters shows the supporters and non-supporters of Cassidy and Brenna. Of course I did not care for her father’s attitude or the harsh slap. Brenna and Cassidy are both straight women who develop a budding relationship, allowing them to understand the other’s needs. Ms. Zielinsky permits the characters to form some type of interaction in some way as the story moves along. I could tell she put deep thought and emotion into her writing while weaving a story that shows a lasting romance in the making.

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