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ISBN# E-Book (10) 0-7599-3310-3 and (13) 978-0-7599-3310-1
Published October 2006
(Trade Paperback 10: 0-7599-3311-1 and 13: 978-0-7599-3311-8
Published November 2006)
Hard Shell Factory
E-Book and Trade Paperback
141 Pages
Historical/Inspirational or Historical Fiction/Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tessa Jurgen cannot believe that her father has promised her to some bootlegger to marry. She decides to find a way to leave.

Gaven MacIntyre, a sixth-grade schoolteacher, interested in Tessa, may allow bigotry to put a dent in their relationship.

Tessa is just a country girl at heart but refuses to marry any cruel bootlegger. After Pastor Stedman finds her a job in Tulsa, she decides to accept it. She becomes a nanny and tutor to the Patton household and their two children. While being governess to the children, Tessa finds friendship with the black household servants, Pole, Jasper and Chloe. Gaven forms an alliance with Tessa even though she seems to have issues with the Patton family. She is surprised how the Tulsa area is overrun with Klan members. Her boss thinks she should not make friends with the staff. Tessa does not understand so much prejudice. As she and Gaven begin to form a partnership with each other, racial tensions mount when Jasper is accused of accosting a white girl, which pits Tessa in the middle, and tears at her relation with Gaven. In the middle of racism, Tessa must find a way to stand for what she believes.

Bigotry, hatred, race, lynching, just to name a few, are keen points in Tulsa Tempest. Tessa is a strong heroine as she tries to understand the actions of people while trying to keep her feelings for Gaven. I like the way Tessa stands her ground on her beliefs. Ms. Lutz does an excellent job in revealing the true emotions of the characters and even those that are downright nasty in the storyline. I found the whole ambience of the story most believable in every way. Indeed a read was engaging for this reader.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books