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ISBN: 978-1-59632-758-0
August 2008
Loose Id LLC
189 Pages
Multicultural Action/Adventure
Rating: 4 Cups

Lola Bordenaux is a strong, independent, woman. She learned to survive on the streets at the young age of sixteen by thinking of herself first. Now, Lola exists by being a normal college student by day and a luscious stripper by night.

Peter Koss is a young, naive, twenty-four year old, innocent professor. When his worldlier co-worker takes him to a strip joint, Peter never expects to fall in love. Seeing the dancer Sin, he cannot help but fall under her sensual dance. When a freak accident knocks Lola out, the young professor never expects to find his former student and the luscious stripper to be the same person.

Peter and Lola jump headfirst into a steamy romance. Their love cannot endure the secrets from her past. Lola runs as fast and as far as she can, leaving Peter heartbroken. Five years later, she is back for a second chance. This time she not only has to contend with Peter's hurt and anger, Lola has to worry about those out to kill them.

Ms. Holcomb turns sorrow, anger, pride, passion, adventure and many more elements into an intense book about survival. In their own way, each character has their own tale of endurance and strength. Lola's is the horrible treatment of different foster parents. When he was fourteen, Peter's was the neglect from being a teenager in a man's world. Together, their survival means the difference between life and death, love and hate. From the first words to the last, this book held me captivated. From Alabama to the steamy jungles of a foreign country, this book will take you on an unbelievably sensual and sometimes rocky adventure. Remarkable read!

Caution: This title contains steamy sex, graphic language and red-hot romance.

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