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ISBN# 0446611743
March 2009
Hachette Book Group USA
237 Park Avenue, New York, New York, 10017
Trade paperback
266 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Lori Jean Granger gives people the impression that she is the typical airheaded heiress who has a spending problem. Once they get beneath the surface, they find she is actually a kind-hearted person using her inheritance to make the world a better place.

Jackson James grew up poor and has made his own way in life. When the Granger account is handed over to him, along, with a raise and a new office, he cannot imagine what lies in store for him.

Lori needs to use her inheritance to help an old friend, but she has spent most the money available to her at this point. If she were to marry, a larger portion would become accessible to her. The problem is, she will need to marry for convenience. Jackson is given the task of finding her a husband, as well as helping her learn to live within a budget. A minor snafu has the couple taking an adventure where they may both lose their hearts.

Filled with witty, yet wise, quotes from Lori’s mother, this story is delightful. There is humor mixed with passion, bringing the reader into the midst of the story. Jackson is a hero most women would overlook, but he takes on the role so easily. Lori is the kind of woman most of us would dislike. The longer you read, the more you fall equally in love with her. There are so many fireworks between this couple from the start, but the battle of wills is the most exciting. Ms. Banks writes with a sense of humor which will keep this reviewer coming back for more.

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