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ISBN# 1-60202-015-9
December 2006
Linden Bay Romance
148 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The Captain’s Courtship

Cynthia, the daughter of a well-off merchant, is about to move once again to Nova Scotia. The trip from England to New Jersey killed her mother and she never really felt at home there, but with war approaching her father thinks it best to marry his daughter off and move the family and business out of danger.

Commander Paul Smith is the son of a Viscount, but has settled down at sea from his wild youth, and he had to travel across the ocean to meet the girl of his dreams.

A young woman who thinks she is plain meets a seaman who sees her true beauty.

This is a sweet story of a woman who refuses to settle for less than love and her reward. Cynthia and Paul are sympathetic characters and Mr. Lancaster is well meaning, but overbearing to all the family. The grandmother steals the story.

See Paris and Live

Zoë Colbert is horrified by the events of the Terror. Friends are executed or simply disappear. She is determined to experience as much life as she can before they come for her.

Kit’s mother is in dire need of her favorite brandy before the war breaks out, so she sends her only son to Paris for a supply. At a party of actors, he meets a sweet girl that he cannot stop thinking about.

Set in Paris during the Terror, two young people find each other and true love amidst the chaos. They just have to live long enough to marry.

The characters are likeable, the action exciting, but I keep wondering why a woman would send her only son, the present Baron, to almost certain death for a few bottles of brandy. Lack of knowledge of politics is not a good enough excuse, given the sheer numbers of the aristocracy falling to the guillotine each day.

Cast Away

Davey Archer, a midshipman on the Calypso, has a very good friend in Will Marshall. The two are firm friends, but Davey dreams of more.

Will Marshall is Davey’s best friend and has recently nursed him back to health from a grave illness.

Two young midshipmen are washed overboard and explore their relationship further on a deserted island.

This story may be uncomfortable for some readers. While the subject matter is handled well and the characters are well described, it is more graphic than the previous two stories.

The central theme of these stories is the British Navy. The first and last have main characters that are Navy officers, and the second story’s main characters are rescued by the HMS Calypso. The author captures the period of each tale well. The stories are well written and interesting, but the level of sensuality is uneven. Each story stands well alone, and even though the last two are connected by the characters, they will appeal to different readers. The mostly innocent, The Captain’s Courtship, will appeal to a very different reader than the homoerotic Cast Away.

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