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ISBN# 978-1-60202-028-3
February 13, 2007
Linden Bay Romance, LLC
168 Pages
Contemporary/Romantic Comedy/Erotic/BBW
Rating: 4 Cups

Private Investigations

Sam Smith likes the days where he could carry his police gun and fill out a report by hand instead of using any computer stuff. When he gets an email to handle a case about a possible guy cheating on his girlfriend, he recalls the two women that he met outside an apartment confessing they had lost an apartment key. The one girl, Donna, with the blue eyes, is someone that he would really love to get undercover with. Donna is love struck after encountering the handsome Sam. She has no idea Sam is eager to get connected with her in the most heated way. Of all people she is shocked that Sam did not give her friend, Jade, the eye. After all, Jade has the perfect Barbie doll shape, even if she does have a boyfriend, it appears that men are always giving her the eye, but this time, Donna is the one calling the attention of this private eye.

I have to say I adored the character of Sam. When he gets in a room with Donna, the sensual animal chemistry unfolds. Even though he is not interested in really getting involved with anyone, she has that certain magnet that draws him in completely. And the best part I enjoyed was Donna just thought since she did not have the Barbie doll figure like her girlfriend, she was fascinated how Sam was drawn to her. Oh yes, their story was fabulous in every sense of the word.

Between Love and Hate

Jade Swenson is torn over her relationship with Daniel Kopek. He continues to lie and say he loves her but in reality she knows he is a lying cheating snake. She cannot deal with him cheating. She hates that she had to go after proof, which only makes her feel worse about the situation. She asks her friends, Donna and Grace to help her follow him again but when things shift, Donna and Grace have the feeling that the woman that Daniel may be seeing is really purely innocent. After Jade finally gets the real scoop, she sees Daniel in a whole different light and wonders has she really overstepped issues this time.

The characters of Jade and Daniel are refreshing and I love the madcap events that Jade continues to go through trying to figure out if Daniel is cheating. Jade is believable in her antics afraid to really confront Daniel for fear he will not be honest. Their relationship is one that I kept thinking let it be something really spectacular because I want them to really stay together. It was a delightful read.

Saving Grace

Grace Cerone is not happy that Valentines Day is approaching. Her friend Donna has Sam. Jade is in a happy relationship with Daniel, who just happened to have ordered Jade a custom-made engagement ring. The last person Grace fell for took her credit card, left her with a whopper of debt then wound up in prison. When her therapist does not understand why she would really need a man in her life, Grace fires her. Jordan Washington knows everything about the lovely Grace, but she knows nothing about him. For two years he has worked with her at the same lawyer office but his shyness always kept him at bay. That is why he uses the net to chat. After Grace really starts sending hot emails to Hot Dude, she is afraid to confess to her friends. When another guy decides to take the credit for all of Jordan’s hard work and win Grace for his own, Jordan steps in hoping that all his efforts have not gone completely unnoticed.

This was a story that really drew my attention. I could relate to Grace and a bit of her self-esteem, in not finding that one guy to spend her life, whereas Jordan has the same feeling for fear of exposing his feelings but the other side of him afraid Grace will not like him. It reminded me of one of those similar type stories like Beauty and the Beast but with no beast. Bravo to Grace and Jordan, two characters that know how to spell the meaning of real love.

Trilogy 108: Just Desserts is a clever spin with three friends that take the reader on a wonderful hair-spinning ride in their everyday lives of trying to find the right man and keep him. Feisty Donna, hilarious Jade and sensitive Grace really are fantastic women. Sam is the hottie I adored, followed by Jordan who has such charm and Daniel, the easy on the eyes secretive guy. Cat Johnson weaves some daring escapades that are truly delicious. She creates a trilogy of three powerful women that have a way of surviving any situation in this excellent read.

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