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ISBN# (Trade Paperback) 978-1-60202-021-4/(MS Reader) 978-1-60202-020-7
January 2007
Linden Bay Romance, LLC
3529 Greenglen Circle Palm Harbor, Florida 34684
192 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The Commander

Hank Miller, the commander of a special ops group, is forty-six. He is the father of a twenty-three year old daughter, and she is the only woman in his life. However, that changes when he meets Lois.

Lois has been divorced for twenty years and has not had time for relationships. When she meets Hank, her priorities start to change. When Hank and Lois are thrown together at a wedding, it is lust at first sight with the attraction being very mutual. However, Lois is the mother of two of Hank’s team, making for an awkward situation. How can they romance each other and find out if they have something as special as they hope with the “kids” always around?

Ms. Johnson pens an enjoyable read about an older couple finding love for the second time. The sex is hot, and the emotions are sensually written.


Bull Ford, whose nickname fits very well, is a special ops officer with the same team as Hank. Over six feet tall and built like a line backer, Bull has always been self-conscious about his size. Sent in to play bodyguard to a spoiled and wealthy politician and his son, Bull does not expect to enjoy himself, that is, until he gets a look at the harpist.

Marly Spencer, the harpist in question, just wants to get this particular gig over with since her ex-boyfriend is going to be there. However, when he does not appear at the gig, she is more than happy to let her eyes wander over Bull. When Marly goes to get some water out of her bag, she is tagged and tied up by Bull who thinks she is the terrorist who has a bomb set up in the building. He finally realizes she is not, and by then they are all over each other. Marly figures she might as well enjoy herself before she dies. Will these two find they have something lasting, or will they walk away if they survive?

Laugh-out-loud-funny, Ms. Johnson had me gasping to catch my breath as Bull tried to cover up his mistake, and Marly tried to cover him! The author outdoes herself with this story.


Matt Coleman, the computer tech for Hank’s team, is getting really sick of his team mates getting laid during ops. Deciding he needs to find a girlfriend so he won't make the same mistakes, he signs up for an online dating service. However, the girl of his dreams is right in front of him, he just does not see her.

Samantha (Sam) Foster is the computer tech for another special ops team, and she has the hots for Matt who stars in many of her fantasies, though she only knows him through the computer. Matt and Sam are sent to Dubai; Sam undercover in a Harem, and Matt to help with a defense computer program he wrote. Neither knows the other is in the same compound. Sam realizes Matt is the important American, and that he might be able to help with both her problems, getting laid and finding out if their missions relate to each other. However, eyes and ears are everywhere, and when Sam suddenly disappears, only time will tell if Matt can reach her in time to help.

Ms. Johnson does espionage with style! I loved what a surprise Sam was for Matt, and how they were able to take their bond from communicating on the computer to the next level so smoothly.

This trilogy has been one of the most entertaining that I’ve read in a while. Ms. Johnson seamlessly injects humor into these stories at just the right moments. I found myself wanting to keep reading just to find out what the punch line was going to be. The writing exhibits a sensuality that keeps the reader glued to the pages. The author clearly has done her research with regards to the military, and the stories show it, in the colorful language and descriptions. I look forward to reading more from this author.

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