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ISBN # 978-1-59705-385-3
February 2009
Wings ePress, Inc
E-book/ Paperback
$6.00/ $11.95
358 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Isabella is a factory owner who happens to stumble upon an unconscious young woman. She manages to get the woman, named Mary, medical attention only to find out she has lost her memory of what happened to her.

Mary cannot remember anything about her accident. She only knows she was to marry Richard. But does she truly know the man she is about to marry?

The mystery begins to unfold as Isabella and a canal boatwoman, Annie, decide to seek out what really happened to Mary. What they uncover may surprise some in that its origin traces back to many years before.

This is a book I had a hard time getting into. I just felt the story dragged on and on. I feel shorter would have been better. I thought the concept of the story was a good one, but I just could not find the connection. I would honestly say to use your own judgment whether to choose to read Treasures from an Earthen Pot. Your opinion might be different.

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