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ISBN# None Available
May 2007
The Wild Rose Press
10 Pages
American Historical Short Story
Rating: 4 Cups

Marianne Phillips is surprised when Robert Hannigan, the banker, the town mayor, and one of the richest men in Kentucky, asked for her hand in marriage.

Robert Hannigan had no idea he was going to propose at that moment. It was only the third time that Marianne had seen him and he admired her.

There was a time in Marianne’s life that she would have been excited to be courted by an eligible bachelor like Robert but that was before the War Between the States. Before the terrible war, her family owned a sugar plantation and her father bred the best racehorses in Tennessee. Now with her father dead, while defending Nashville, and her poor mother deceased, due to the horrible strain, there was nothing left for her, no horses, no plantation, nothing and no dowry to give. Robert is ready to settle down and he feels that Marianne has the qualities, in education and background, needed to be his wife. It does not matter to him that she has no money; he will treasure her heart until the day he dies. At the age of twenty-four, Marianne is penniless with nothing to offer Robert. She does not understand why Robert would wish to marry anyone that has nothing, but her heart soon gives her the best reason.

Treasured is a gem of a read. This sweet romance speaks in great volumes just through the characters dialogue. Marianne and Robert have a certain flare that radiates in the pages. Their expressions are so visual, it makes their situation believable. Jenna Bayley-Burke always sketches characters then constructs a tight outline that springs forth into a beautiful story. I found this precious tale heartwarming.

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