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ISBN#: (10)1436337143/(13)9781436337144/Print-(10)1436337151/(13)9781436337151 Hardcover
June 2008
International Plaza II, Suite 340 Philadelphia, PA 19113-1513
$15.99 Paperback and $24.99 Hardcover
66 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Life is something one often takes for granted. Ask Liz, who after a near death experience, decides to really stop and embrace the full aroma life offers. She searches for that spirituality and purpose that drives us. By embracing life and staying open to the many possibilities, one can wake to create, recognize and live.

Liz speaks of a man from the third world, who lives in much destitution and hardship, yet greets her with a bright smile on his countenance. It is unbelievable how he can be so full of love when many unhappy things are going on in his life. He contributes it to a sign of respect to the other person. By reflecting the same example to others, each day can bring a different array of color and setting.

Time comes and goes, and often one does not really listen to the things around them. A beautiful sunrise or sunset, that might be our last, makes one feel a loss at not ever experiencing such again. Liz thought she might not ever see such things again, but a miracle helped her to regain her inner search to see the true beauty of things. She learns she is never alone, because the Good Lord is always extending his unconditional love. It is a step in her life well-worth the trip.

Transcendental Sojourn-Arrival to One Journal is a learning stage that opens up one's heart and permits that inner search of self. I found it held many stages in learning to grow and balance out daily living. Liz Cosline sketches her step into self-discovery to show that life has simple pleasures to offer. Her concept of learning to trust, just as a child does a parent, is glowingly reflected as one searches her heart to learn compassion. Her words touched me and gave me considerable thought. They made me rethink daily life, as well as everyone and everything that surrounds us in this encouraging read.

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