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ISBN #: 978-0-553-59212-2
October 2008
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Mass Market Paperback
361 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Traitor’s Kiss

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Lover’s Kiss

Lady Olivia Pennistan did not fit in with the Ton during her one season. Her passion is cooking and devising recipes, not dancing and flirting. She has just about given up hope of marriage, but she loves her family and will cook for them and the other inhabitants of the castle.

Michael Garrett, the son of a bishop, studied for the church, but ended up in the army instead. He spent five years as a spy and feels tarnished by that. Now that the war is over, he must find something to do with the rest of his life.

Michael is heading towards Manchester when a nearly naked woman rushes out of the woods. It is winter, so she can not have gotten that way voluntarily, so naturally Michael comes to Olivia’s rescue and returns her home. Her reputation may have been irreparably harmed, and if it is not, Olivia is determined to make it so to get Michael’s attention and love.

Olivia and Michael are an unlikely couple but it rapidly becomes obvious that each is exactly what the other needs. Neither quite fits into the mold designed for them. Olivia’s overprotective but practical brothers are very well described here, as are the rest of the household and that of the local vicar. The person who arranged the kidnapping is not who I thought it would be ,and the mystery is solved in an interesting way.

This book is a real bargain; two complete and very good historical romances in one package. The stories are of Gabriel Pennistan and his sister Olivia and their stories only whetted my interest in the family. The two stories here are very good romances, though very different from each other. The characters are well written and the plots very involving as the Pennistans are a very unusual family with eccentric interests for the aristocracy. I look forward to reading about more of their adventures as there are two brothers left.

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