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ISBN: Not Unavailable
August 2008
Wicked Women of Color Press, LLC
197 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Lukah is an amazing woman. Not only is she a tracker, working with the cops to find lost people, she is also the alpha of her pack. The only female to control other werewolves in her territory. Some members of the other territories do not care for a female leading. Up until now, things have been pretty quiet about her leadership.

Jacob Constantine is the grand alpha over all the other werewolves. If he says jump, they must say how high. He is a strong, stubborn werewolf who shows his strength in his dealings with other alphas. Others besides Lukah, who defies him at every step.

Now though, they must work together to stop whoever has targeted Lukah. It may include an Offering Ceremony, where she is given to the best alpha and mated, possibly against her will. She would not do it, but the enemy takes it one step further, going after those she loves most, including her human sister and her human nieces. The tracker has suddenly become the prey.

Ms. St. James has written a compelling and stimulating novel. Trackers has so many good qualities about it. The emotions emitted by the two main characters are so poignant at times that I wanted to cry. Lukah comes off as such a strong, unmovable woman who can and will take care of all her own. Jacob is the typical alpha male, not even taking into consideration him being a werewolf. I would have thought that having two strong characters like this would not work, but magically, Ms. St. James has pulled it off. Creating a wonderful and masterful story about survival of the fittest in the extreme.

Caution: This title contains steamy sex, graphic language, blood and gore, and red-hot romance.

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