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ISBN#: 1606010549
September 2008
Siren Publishing, Inc.
122 Pages
Erotic Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Dr. Rene Selkis has always felt beholden to her foster father, Franklin Summit. He took her out of an orphanage and gave her a chance at life. When she gets a call stating he has passed away, Rene rushes to Cairo, Egypt to pay her last respects.

Ralabos Smith is there to welcome her with open arms. He has been waiting a long time for this opportunity. When Ralabos sees Rene, he knows the time is now.

Rene and Ralabos start on a sensual journey of lust and forgotten love. When Rene finds that her foster father's body has gone missing, she embarks on a journey of discovery unlike anything she has seen before. When the ancient evil Seth is released to destroy her, it may take her death for him to be eliminated.

Ms. Meilleur has picked a fascinating topic to write about. The ancient Egyptian gods are still a mystery to quite a few people. Touch of the Fire God has so many facts and legends built into it that you cannot help but feel you are learning Egyptian Mythology. However, for me that was exactly what this book was like. I was back in school learning about the Egyptian gods and goddesses. On a knowledge level, an interesting tale, but as an entertaining story, not so much.

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