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ISBN#: 0-446-40691-0
May 2008
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
Mass Market Paperback
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lady Emeline Gordon is a widow who earns pin money by escorting young women about Society to help them make successful matches. Mr. Hartley’s sister needs her advice and guidance.

Mr. Samuel Hartley is a businessman from Boston. Six years ago he was in the army at the massacre of Spinner’s Falls. He ran for help which arrived too late for some. Now he searches for the man who betrayed them to the Wyandots.

Samuel Hartley is determined to find the man who caused so much death and suffering six years before. His suspects come from all levels of London society. He plans to use the contacts that his next door neighbor will provide; her brother was one of those who was tortured and killed at Spinner’s Falls.

This story has an interesting premise. A successful businessman travels from America to England to find a man responsible for many deaths and his own reputation as a coward. His appearance is a little over the top with the moccasins, but he wants to stand out in the crowd. Emeline is a strong character responsible for her family at a young age since her father, husband, and brother are all dead. She is willing to marry a man she has only lukewarm feelings for, so that she will not feel the pain of loss again, but Sam quickly makes that impossible. The search for the traitor is easily as interesting as the very well written love story, full of excitement and action. The other characters are a bonus, especially the formidable Tante Cristelle, the shy friend Melisande, and the intriguing Jasper, Lord Vale. The German fairy story that begins each chapter is a very good choice, paralleling the main plot well.

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